Thursday, 20 January 2011

Where did 2010 go and whence 2011

More a reminder ot myself of the blog than a post on anything specific - there is sooooooo much to rant about that I'm just resigned to yelling at whatever media is giving me the 'news' and neglected these pages. Some say blogging has had its day but you just can't be coherent in other (anti?) social media but with say Twitter Times to curate (censor?) one's interests its evident that blogs are a significant piece of my world at least. So, more attention here this year!

This post is also not going to be the ever-popular forecast of what might happen in the GI sector, plenty of others have been down that path already! 2010 was certainly a year of (some) change in the inner workings of the GI landscape, the consequences of some of which are not as apparent as some would have hoped (remind me of those killer apps folks, you know the ones with very big social and economic benefits attached; unless you were at Location Economics when the public sector laid a few out), the absence of which others have long anticipated.

And has been a context free illusion too for the most part. Reverting to type - potholes: number, size, speed of disappearance, appearance, re-appearance, type of contract, method of repair. The problems inherent in identifying 'efficiency' in pothole repair are repeated across the data domain - in the absence of policy context, contract award criteria (targets anyone - even old DC contradicts himself there in NHS speech) and so on, the only thing that can be pedalled is an agenda.

2011 promises more change for the small coterie of interested parties in this landscape with the launch of the PSMA, further changes to pricing of certain OS products, the establishment of the GI Group (no, not applying to Chair it myself), the sadly continuing recession and potential for double dip as public sector cuts hit hard in April and beyond and the adjustment in private sector business models to compensate for what was perhaps an over-dependency on public sector spend.

This is a landscape of opportunity I sense, of clear blue water, for bold decisions by suppliers and buyers alike, and to that I look forward. And perhaps this year emapsite's services will get a mention here, who knows!

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