Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sport Relief 3 Mile boy

Well, technically, boy 2 (aged 9) and my better half. Rather a last minute decision (last week) saw the rapid creation of a team (of 2) -
and a modest fund raising target. Delighted and grateful for the immediate response.

And today was the day, at 1030am allegedly - I say allegedly....the school car park was home to what appeared to be an amateur motorcycle display team; happilty we did have the right day, just the letter and original website time had been wrong and the whole thing was scheduled for 3pm.
Not content with running 3 miles later boy 2 then played football and tennis for over an hour. Back at the school and self consciousness took over during the 'warm up'. But come the off and boy 2 was running 4th of some 200 souls after the first 400m as they left tarmac for grass and mud. Each circuit a mile with many finishing after one circuit boy 2 strode on, revivified after 2 miles, as the picture shows,

to finish the 3 miles just inside 26 minutes and in the top 10. A fantastic effort you'll agree (obviously doesn't burn it all up in defence on a saturday!).

And the reason I tell you this? You will most likely have got here from the link in the email seeking further sponsors - so a short tale of the day a a quid pro quo. And a reminder of the link...

Anything you can give greatly appreciated....

Did I mention...the better half came in on 30 minutes - bravo!

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