Monday, 31 August 2009

Summer's ending - where have I been?

I reckon I have spent more time away from the office this summer than in any time since leaving someone else's gainful employ back in 1993 - reflects strength of and confidence in team and business despite the recession. As ever time away from the office is thinking time, which will please some people (you know who you are!).

Plenty of time taken up pondering the dreaded school selection procession for Son #1 and now everything focused on filling in forms correctly by October 23rd - horrible, necessary.

Wakeboarding (just, boys waterskied better), swimming and tennis in Menorca ; should have gone sailing given the incessant wind and what was coming next.....

The real 'excitement' has been the practice for, build up to and participation in the RS400 Nationals at Mounts Bay Sailing Club this last week. Towbar fitted - check, quality camping - check, surfing lessons for boys - yep, wave sailing rehearsal - whoops, excellent weather forecast (means F2-3 gusting 4) - oh dear oh dear. Without going into detail, it was too much for your flat water light weight team and while we did finish 6 races we retired on the final day having scared ourselves rigid (repetitive rolling of boat, trapped underneath, exhaustion, big swells and so on) - living with demons. Ended up 64th of 66 -very disappointing to say the least as the flat water stuff had been going so well......Inlands next, Queen Mary.

Along the way had to produce a 'stack' and paper for AGI - job done - and keep a weather eye on spatial 'stuff'. Is it just me or has it been quiet - I read the Location Strategy stuff that seems to have crept quietly out and am looking forward to taking renewed energy into the office tomorrow!

Where, to their (and my) surprise they will find me at the top of the fantasy football league - sadly kids football has also already started - Son #2 runner up yesterday after ....6 hours! The autumn is all but upon us....

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