Monday, 1 June 2009

The time has (finally) come

It always happens - the gestation period, the testing, the iteration, the collateral...and finally, the release - it all takes longer than you think!

emapsite has been a 'dynamic' site, adding new content and functionality and altering usability to reflect new norms, embrace emerging standrads, assimilate feedback and so on. As such we haven't majored on new "releases" of the website.

However, on this occasion I do think that something more is merited as the site update includes a re-branding of the business, enhanced usability and a little lifting of the lid of our services platform - at this juncture in marketing and communications terms only but if you are interested to learn more you can....

So, if you are interested in or use digital mapping or if you are a user of broader digital geographic content or if you wish to embed location content within your business there are even more reasons to visit

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